M West Challenge

West Michigan's regional business plan competition.

Welcome to the 2016 MWest Challenge, a student venture competition designed to create cross collaboration between students that span across several universities from West Michigan. Through MWest, entrepreneurially minded students are able to develop and grow new ventures based on their own ideas. MWest involves eight West Michigan colleges and universities, representing 75,000 students from: Grand Valley State University, Kendall College of Art and Design, Davenport University, Aquinas College, Calvin College, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids Community College, Kuyper College, and Hope College.






The 2017 MWest Challenge will have two Tracks:

The Early Stage Track:  For teams who are in the ideation stage and just started the process and have not refined their plans and goals.  

The Masterclass Track:   This is for the more experienced teams who have competed at previous competitions, received grants or investment money, and/or whose ideas generate revenue.

2017 Awards

Grand Prize-Masterclass                                    $6500

Grand Prize-Early Stage                                      $6500

Spectrum Health Care Innovation                     $5000 

GR Current Technology                                      $2500 

Social Impact and Sustainability                       $2500 

Lifestyle                                                              $2000 

Innovation by Design                                         $2000 

Spirit of Entrepreneurship                                 $1000 

IPC first place                                                     $2000 

IPC 2nd place                                                      $1000 



There will be two grand prize winners.  One grand prize will be awarded to a team from the Early Stage track, and the other from the Masterclass track.

Grand prize winners can’t win any other categories or prizes.  Grand prize awards will be paid to the students’ corporation because we want to advance the business idea.

No team can win more than two awards.